Safeguarding Assets While Securing Medicaid Benefits

As you reach retirement age, it becomes necessary to plan for potential stays in residential living facilities and other end-of-life care options. If you do not have long-term life insurance, you could end up paying privately for care until you have exhausted your resources. The more significant assets you own could disqualify you for Medicaid.

To discuss your options for Medicaid planning, contact the McCoy Law Firm in Marshall, Texas. Attorney Shelia McCoy is knowledgeable regarding this area of elder law, and will help you with asset protection strategies that may still allow access to long-term care.

Obtain Help With Your Elder Law Goals

Representation with Ms. McCoy as your lawyer will begin with scheduling an initial appointment. From this meeting, she will gain a basic understanding of your situation and be able to determine if she may be able to help you. If you and Ms. McCoy agree to work together as a team, the next step is to retain her services. After Ms. McCoy has been retained, you and Ms. McCoy will work together to discuss goals and various strategies to attain them.

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